‘The J’ In Satyaniketan Is Serving Fries Topped With Maggi!!

'The J' In Satyaniketan Is Serving Fries Topped With Maggi!!

Where | The J, Ground Floor, Shop 2, Satyaniketan

Price for two | Rs 280 (Approx)

Mumbai’s famous cafe The J has opened an outlet here in Satyaniketan and we are going mad over their variety of fries!

As they all say ”fries before guys” The J brings you over 20 types of fries!

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They have all kinds of fries like all cheesy, pizza and lots more. But, their best dis is where they serve fries which is topped with our first love, that is, Maggi!

Yes, Magic Fries at The J in Satyaniketan is the thing you need to try once! The Magic Fries is a combination of Maggi + fries. Yep!

A portion of deep fried and crispy fries mixed with fried Maggi, magic masala, mozzarella cheese and chilli garlic sauce.  They also serve Cheese Chipotle Fries, Tandoori Chicken Fries, Chicken Nacho Fries and lots more.

Served in a cone, the best part about the fries is that they are easy on the pocket.

To go with your fries, this place also does some really good shakes as well. From Red Velvet Cakeshake to Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake, the classic Oreo Milkshake and much more.

Not to forget, you can also create your own fries. Cool, right?!

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