The Name Is 99, Super 99! Sweep An Entire Aisle Clean Startin’ INR 99!

Ever heard the saying “I got 99 problems..but the budget ain’t one?” You sure have! Because for most Indians, specially Delhiites, that’s second nature. If we could just grab everything – toys and games, beauty products, kitchen and dining products and snacks all startin’ at INR 99, LIFE WOULD BE GREAT. And now, it is!

30 Second Window:

  • Super 99 is a chain of stores that spans across India and they have 3 amazing outlets right here in Delhi. And they have something(s) for every person that walks through their doors!
  • Whether it’s a toddler with 99 problems, teenager, adult – anyone, can grab anything. And not just for INR 99! These guys are so freakin’ cool that you can sweep an entire aisle clean here for as low as INR 29 even.
  • So, sure you may have 99 problems but trust us that budget sure ain’t gonna be one! Super 99 sells makeup face pads, wallets, belts, shades and even midnight grubs like chips. 😛
  • And guess what? They have some super deal every day waiting for you come on in and grab with both your hands!

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  • That you grab your friends, parents and anybody who loves shopping and run down to Super 99 TODAY!

Where | Dwarka Metro Station, Dwarka Mor / Ramfal Chowk Market, Dwarka Sector 7 / V3S Mall, Lakshmi Nagar

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Cover Image Courtesy | Super 99

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