These Are The Top 7 Book Cafes In Delhi For A Perfect Date With your Favourite Book

These Are The Top 7 Book Cafes In Delhi For A Perfect Date With your Favourite Book

What do we need apart from some good food, a hot cup of coffee, and our favourite book? For all the bibliophiles in the capital, who like nothing more than to snuggle in a reading nook, there are many book cafes that can give you just the right ambiance and a vast collection of books to enjoy from.

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If you are one looking for such a reading nook, then these are the top 7 book cafes in Delhi for a perfect date with your favourite book!

Cha Bar
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Connected to the Oxford Bookstore, the Cha Bar is one of the most quintessential book cafes in Delhi. ake a book of your choice and walk into the beautiful Cha Bar, right next to it which offers around 100 kinds of teas. They provide you with a relaxed space to browse through a variety of books and peacefully sip a tea or coffee. And if you need any more inspiration to start a new book, Cha Bar and Oxford Bookstore also host a variety of literary events every now and then.

Cafe Turtle
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This is one of oldest Book cafés in the city. It provides a comfortable space where reading and dining go hand-in-hand. A well-stocked Full Circle Bookstore gives way to the cozy café placed on the upper floors. With the rooftop and inside seating options, one can browse in the bookstore below with books across all genres, including children’s books and then enjoy reading with a few eatables while basking in the sun sitting inside.

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This small cafe restaurant is not only easy on the eyes but also on the pockets! since their customers largely include college students, their costliest item is a mere Rs 200. They not only serve amazing coffee but also some really great Italian dishes. They do awesome chili cheese fingers and have a wall full of books to browse through. You can pick one up and start reading while you wait for your meal to arrive.

Ivy and Bean
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Ivy & Bean has a cozy ‎little library where you can borrow a book and either honestly put back another or bring it back when you visit the cafe next! Isn’t that just cool? What’s more is that the place serves authentic modern Australian cuisine making it a go-to. The combination of light food and drinks, cozy, well-lit ambiance and a beautiful library makes this café every book lover’s fantasy.

The Readers Cafe
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The Reader’s Cafe in Indirapuram Habitat Centre is an eclectic mix of good food, pretty interiors, and racks upon racks of books. It is just the perfect spot to hit when you need to drown out the world as you dive deep into your favourite reads and snack on mouth-watering pasta and pizzas.

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Located in The Claridges, they have an alcove where you can relax by browsing through books. You’ll have something new to learn every day and it’s never enough to just read. Serendipity has a cool bakery called ‘Ye Old Bakery’ which serves amazing coffee and cakes.

Cafe Wanderlust
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This café offers the traveler in you a place of rest and relaxation. Famous for their hammocks and breakfast platters, Café Wanderlust offers a quiet space in Gurgaon to look through a travel book, flip through a magazine, or finish up your novel.

Go, find you favourite hideout!

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