This Cafe In CR Park Serves Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani 24×7 And God It’s YUM!

Where | D 616, Hotel Royal Castle Grand, Chittaranjan Park

Price For Two | INR 750

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Wouldn’t it be great if you came back home to some delicious Mughlai food? Better yet, how would you feel if it were laid out in front of you – piping hot with the aroma floating through to your nose? You would probably float toward the food faster than you realise! And definitely with the butter chicken, biryani and the Thai food these guys make, you would probably finish it in a jiffy!

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The creaminess of the butter chicken, an almost orgasmic aroma of the biryani just melts you smoothly as you relax into your couch! And here’s the deal, if you don’t wanna order in, you can simply go head to Horn Please! With a relaxing and brightly lit ambience, Horn Please is genuinely one of the best places to check out these days.


And not just for the food! These guys have a charming bus themed environment that becomes you, as you take in every bit of its beating heart. So, get your gang together and start pumping some gas ya’ll! Because food never tasted so good and variations never felt better!

Seriously, the Thai dishes like prawn with sauce, chicken in oyster sauce and vegetable manchurian simply sings *laaaaaaaa* in your mouth! And that’s probably why we can’t get enough of this place!

So, get yourself up, dust yourself and drive down RN!

Images’ Courtesy | Horn Please

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