This Grilled & BBQ Chicken Pizza In Noida Is Our Fave For Bhukkad Scenes!

Where | Jokers, FB 103, Ground Floor, Gardens Galleria, Sector 38, Noida

Price For Two | INR 2,000

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You scream pizza and we scream cheese!! But together we scream – “grilled or BBQ chicken pizza? YUMMMM!” And Noida’s brand new joint for cheesy needs & bhukkad scenes is DEFO aces in our books. Not just because of the food – that is bringing us closer, but the ambience too; a special one, something we never really expected!

Jokers in Gardens Galleria is a brand new place offering tons of amazing food. Some of which, frankly, left us bamboozled! So much so that we actually fell in love with their pizzas, singing –

If you were a pizza and I was cheese, I’d melt over you.

But it was a pizza, and we definitely rolled over to one side in love thanks to its delicious flavours. But like we said, Jokers is not just about great pizza. Some say that their ambience was inspired by the jesters at some king’s palace. Yet, we thought that it was most DEFO inspired to attract an electric crowd to its even more eclectic ambience.

Every corner of the restaurant is lit up thanks to the bright lighting. From hues that range between electric blue & fluorescent green, this place is a party starter at night. And heaven for foodies in the afternoon.

They also have tons of Mediterranean meals, burgers, pasta & sizzlers that leave you gasping for more!

And we’re so going for another round of fattening up with their food before we hit the hibernation mode this winter! 😛

So, are you just as hungry as us? Will we get to see you there?

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