This New Restaurant In Ansal Plaza Serves Delicious Kashmiri Food!

Where | B-105, First Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg

Price For Two | INR 2,000

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All those who’ve travelled to Kashmir know that food found there is spot on! The flavours carried through each dish finished with some glossy, delicious sauce is almost orgasmic. And creating that magic of Kashmir is Ansal Plaza’s new restaurant!

Photo Courtesy | Orza

Orza in Ansal Plaza is changing the way we look at regional food. Serving delicacies of Awadhi, Persian, Kashmiri and Modern Indian roots, the restaurant is a blessing in disguise. Brightly lit with an infectious personality, Orza has the magic that is the success of any restaurant in Delhi! A long line outside their door!!

Photo Courtesy | Tapan Tayal

Have you ever heard of a kebab cooked in a wood-fired oven? Murg Zaffran Kebab – one of their best sellers drips flavours as it melts in your mouth meaty goodness. Even the sound of it is making you drooling isn’t it? Imagine what will happen when you eat it!

Photo Courtesy | Orza

You can also try their Awadhi Paneer, Dum Murgh Ka Stew, Kashmiri Machali, Pakki Biryani & their famous desserts! A beautifully baked 8 layered cake! 😉

Cutting through that cake, gaping & gasping as each layer falls on the vanilla ice cream is pure heaven! And if you haven’t tasted anything like this before, now is your chance.

So, don’t just sit there, daydreaming, check out the place rn and thank us later!

Cover Image Courtesy | Tapan Tayal

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