This Rooftop Pub In Ansal Plaza Is The Craziest Nightlife Party Place!

Where | A-201-A-233, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall

Price For Two | INR 1,200

Facebook Page |

For Bookings | Call 09999000196

We bet you’ve never heard of rainbow pizzas and waffle burgers! So, raise your hands if you’re feeling excited, ’cause we were dancing with joy and you must too. But hey, hold up, there’s so much more to look out for!

So, Ruin Pub by Imperfecto is one of those places where madness is accepted! But wait, it’s not just accepted, it’s encouraged and all Delhiites who need a new place to chill at must head here. Beautiful dim lights and an infectious personality, Ruin Pub is everything you’d expect from a modern pub – quite literally, rags to rustic!

Fun pops of red, velvet and dark colours greet you even before you get a whiff of what’s about to come! Because with a menu that is half mad and half deliciously sinful – there’s nothing better you’d find at Ansal Plaza.

Their Rainbow Pizza is a delight – something we never expected to see on a menu. Its aroma, coupled with just the right amount of spices and toppings makes up for all the weekday blues you might be facing! Oh, and their waffle burger – now that’s something worth a million smiles!! Crispy, cooked to perfection and blended with flavours that bomb your mouth with something spectacular – that’s how you describe it!

In fact, these are just two of the things we REALLY ENJOYED eating here. But if you head down there on a cold day, you can even find them dishing out other piping hot meals that are beyond our wildest imagination. Like? How about this platter of Sushi? And don’t let its look fool ya! It’s just as delicious as its looks!

Ps. did we tell you that they also feature some of the best bands in Delhi every week? These DEFO know how to party, so put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away!

Excited? Feeling the blues leave your mind? Enter your party zone mindset and slay it ya’ll with your dance moves!

Images’ Courtesy | Ruin Pub by Imperfecto

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