Urvashi Yadav – The Chhole Kulche Queen Of Gurgaon Now Has A Restaurant!

Urvashi Yadav - The Chhole Kulche Queen Of Gurgaon Now Has A Restaurant

Are you a die hard fan of mouth watering street food just like us? If yes then wait no more ’cause your search for the perfect food truck is over! Urvashi Yadav is a wonder woman who has her own food truck that serves the best chhole kulche in Delhi. She started her career from a small thela and now she has her very own food truck in Gurgaon. People are going mad munching on these delicious chhole kulche served by Urvashi, so what are you waiting for? You don’t wanna be the only one left out who hasn’t eaten at this legendary place, right?

30 Second Window:

  • Urvashi Yadav was a housewife who once took matter into her hands when the financial status of her family started to look a little bad. She opened up her very own small chhole kulche thela that gained fame in no time because of its finger licking food.
  • Her individualistic effort shone out like a diamond and soon she got the license for her first ever food truck. People from all over Delhi NCR pay a visit to her food truck and hog on the famous chhole kulche by Urvashi Yadav.
  • Once you take a bite of the chhole kulche served at this food truck, you won’t be able to resist the taste of this flavoursome food item. You would want to grab a plate of this dish from her food truck almost every now and then!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you rush to this food truck in Delhi NCR with your best buddies and grab a plate of the world famous chhole kulche! A true foodie would never miss the boat to this food truck. Get ready to make your taste buds tingle with joy.

Sneak Peak | Gurugram

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