Wendy’s Is Opening An Outlet In Kalkaji And We Are Excited AF!

Wendy's Is Opening An Outlet In Kalkaji And We Are Excited AF!

Where | H1 A, Ground and First Floor, Kalkaji

Price for two | Rs 400

Kalkaji is the new name when it comes to South Delhi food hubs with outlets like McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC, Kake Da Hotel, Moolchand Paranthe and more opening up.

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The latest addition to this ever-growing market is none other than America’s popular burger chain Wendy’s. And we can’t wait to dig in those amazing and juicy burgers super soon.

America’s third-largest burger chain, Wendy’s came to India with their first outlet set in Gurgaon. Wendy’s outlets across Delhi are bright with the iconic logo of Wendy Thomas who greets you at the entrance with the trademark smile.

We hope this outlet will also be able to cater well to the customers with the same interiors and vibe.

The burger chain plays up to the Indian tastes pretty well. They have wide options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians both. Their Aloo Crunch Burger is everyone’s all-time favourite which is crispy and the potato patty is coated with lots of desi spices topped with ghost chilli sauce.

 The non-vegetarians should try their Ghost Chilli Chicken which is basically a twist to your regular chilli chicken.
So if you are looking for a change from McDonalds and Subway, Wendy’s is the answer to that question!
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