We’re Totally Crushing Over This Feastive Deal Of Fries & Coffee @INR 89!

Where | The Junction, Hashtag Dwarka

Price | Fries + Coffee @ INR 89

Put your hands up if you love crispy, twisted and wicked fries! In fact, an extra slice of cheese, topped with salsa & kept warm with coffee just made our feastive vibes 10/10. So, if fries make you happy, then yes sir, you’ve come to the right place!

Photo Courtesy | Jetashree Chopra

Their fries are good. But the variety is even better. Moreover, the flavours jam-packed in each box transcends our expectations every single time. They basically pack happiness in a box of fried goodies – ’cause growing fat, hogging on fries is just our #guiltless #newyearresolution!

Photo Courtesy | Theforkeddiaries

So, you can either build your own boat of fries – which is always recommended! Or you can drool over their set menu and just pass out licking your own fingers.

Cover Image Courtesy | Myfoodproject.org

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