Why Bistro 57 is the perfect fix for our broke soul

Well aren’t we all just young, dumb and broke? If you too are the victims of unpaid internships and monthly pocket money running out in what seems like an hour-feel you fellas!

Read ahead because we found just the perf place which will fix your bhookh swings and is the cheap thrill we all need.
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Yummy madness starting at just 30 bucks | Want a cool refreshing fix or some cheese to survive the day? Bistro 57 is the best place where you can find your comfort food and fall in love with flavoursome dishes while keeping a check of your pocket. Get a cheesy pizza break at just INR 80 or hog onto Nacho Corn chaat at INR 70. Be it sipping on hot chocolate or chilling with a cooler, this is the one stop place for your haangry souls. So gather up your broke cult and head here for some cheap thrills!
Timing – 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM

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