Delhi Just Became Home To India’s First Solar Powered ‘DEMU’ Train!

Delhi Just Became Home To India's First Solar Powered 'DEMU' Train!

The Railway Ministry on Friday announced the launch of India’s first solar powered train here in Delhi. The launch came as the ministry wished to shift the railways to an environmentally friendly use of fuels.¬†The entire electrical need of the coaches, which includes lights, fans and information display system, will now be met by the energy produced by solar panels fitted atop the coaches of the DEMU (diesel electric multiple unit) train.

Here’s everything you need to know about it –

The first batch of the train will be put to commercial service in the railway system of Delhi division shortly. A route will be decided soon after.

The 1,600 horsepower train was manufactured at Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. The solar system and panels were developed and fitted by the Indian Railways Organization of Alternative Fuel. Twenty-four more coaches will be fitted with this system within six months.

The system reduces diesel consumption and the carbon signature of the commuter trains by reducing carbon dioxide generation by 9 tonnes per coach per year.

Now isn’t that cool?

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