17 Year Old Delhi Teenager’s App Adopted By AIFF As Their Official Football Scouting Platform

With FIFA ’18 right around the corner, it leaves many of us wondering about the fate of football enthusiasts in India. One such football fanatic from Delhi is 17-year-old Kush Pandey, who created an App, ‘Scout Me’ which has now been adopted by All India Football Federation as their official football scouting platform!!

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The South-Delhi boy created the app while he was training at the Baichung Bhutia Football School for past two years. Scouts and coaches from various leagues can use the app to discover, monitor, and train players from across the country, for them to get National recognition! Cool isn’t it?!

The AIFF also plans on adding a feature that would enable through which players from remote regions will be able to send in their videos to the scouts and coaches.

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Kush got the idea for ‘Scout Me’ when his team lost to a team of boys from the local villages of Jaipur. It was then that he realised that there is a whole lot of talent out there waiting to be found!

The 17-year-old plans on using his earnings from the app to provide football training to the underprivileged kids.

Looks like India just got a step closer to its FIFA dream! What do you think?!

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