GB Road’s Oldest Restaurant Serves Delish Chicken Lollipop And Cocktails!

Where | GB Road

Price For Two | INR 600

Did you know Delhi’s oldest Red Light district has a small bar/restaurant? From serving delicious and the choicest snacks – the bar has a laid-back atmosphere. And while we agree that the surrounding area might have a nefarious feel to it – the bar alone is always teeming with people.

The Red Resto Bar has a dimly lit ambience that some might say is synonymous with GB Road’s reputation. That coupled with the blaring Haryanvi pop music – the bar is probably safer if you went with a bunch of friends. Ps. the place does not allow smoking and if you puke – check this out!

Their menu has a simple feel to it. For drinks, you can get your hands on Kingfisher beer – Strong, of course, just like the good old days. When foreign beer brands were still an expensive or rare commodity.

And for food, you can hog on their greasy, yet a delectable plate of Chicken Lollipop and some other appetizers.

So, while we would recommend the place when you’ve given up on the usual round of bars and cafes. We would still recommend going there with a large group – just in case, you know!

Images’ Courtesy | Mayank Austen Soofi

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