Outdoor Restaraunts To Soak Up The Sun This Winter!

Winter is here and all we love to do is just sit outside in the sun, basking in the sunlight and eating our everyday favorites. Being hopeless lovers of the sun in sweater weather, we can’t deny the importance of good outdoor restaurants.

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Here we have put together a list of places that everyone should visit this winter to enjoy a delicious spread of food while taking in some vitamin D at the same time.

Sevilla, The Claridges

Rated as one of the best outdoor restaurants in town, Sevilla specialises in Mediterranean, Italian, and Spanish cuisines. Their Fried Sardine Fillet, Tapas Platter, Paella, and Cheese Croquettes are a few things it is known for. Located in The Claridges, it beautifully captures the Mediterranean essence.

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Olive Bar and Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen is a beautiful place with a gorgeous outdoor seating area laid out on white pebbles & twinkling fairy lights. It offers a wonderful view of the nearby historical monuments. The restaurant serves great Mediterranean and Italian fare. A list of things to try here includes their Goat’s Cheese Souffle, Foie Gras, Confit of Duck Leg and Potato Gnocchi in Walnut Cream Sauce.

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Located in the courtyard of a haveli, the outdoor setup of QLA is really gorgeous and will make you feel like you’re dining sitting in Europe. What better location could you get for an afternoon romance than this, teamed up with the perfect food?

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Amalfi is a one of a kind Italian restaurant.  Amalfi is the place for all vintage and antique lovers. Their outdoor area is absolutely beautiful, making it a perfect pick for any upcoming major event.Also, do not forget to gorge on their utterly scrumptious pizzas and pasta.

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Fio County Kitchen and Bar

For everyone who prefers al fresco dining, Most of the garden area is covered under a well-structured shed or small umbrella sheds on individual tables that prove useful during the rainy season. The cuisines featured here are Italian and North Indian, with a deeper focus on Italian.

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So drive down to these places and take in all the sunlight now, as much you can.

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