Get Drunk On These Boozy Momos From Chill-E-Pepper In Malviya Nagar

Get Drunk On These Boozy Momos From Chill-E-Pepper In Malviya Nagar

Where | Chill-E-Pepper, Malviya Nagar, Main Market

Timings | 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price for two | Rs 300 ( Approx)

With the advent of winter, none of us can resist a hot plate of steaming momos! While momos are available in every Gali these days, this place in Malviya Nagar serves your favourite dish with a boozy twist!

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These momos from Chill-E-Pepper are known for making people really drunk! Yes, that’s right!

These Vodka Momos are made using three types of techniques. They are fried, tandoored and then mixed with a spicy spicey sauce. And are available in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

After that legit vodka is added to them along with more gravy! They also serve a variant that is the Whiskey Momos, and they are as boozy and delish as the Vodka Momos!

Apart from this alcoholic delight, they serve amazing Kathi rolls, Seekh kababs marinated in yogurt and Chinese favorites like varieties of noodles! They also serve a couple of coolers and drinks to go with your food.

It is a small joint located in Malviya Nagar main market with no seating area available, but trust us, every penny spent on food there is going to be worth it!

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