Raahgiri Makes a Grand Comeback! Delhiites Flocked To The City Streets To Indulge In Dance, Drumming, Yoga And Many More

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Traffic at Connaught Place was blocked in the early hours of Sunday, as the city streets were open for the Delhi peeps to dance, run, jam, cycle and enjoy the traffic-free morning air. Raahgiri makes a breathtaking comeback after two long years. The very first day of the event saw a spectacular rabble of Delhi peeps, who walked down to the streets in an effort to enjoy the vibes of the festival while creating awareness against the lethal prob’ of air pollution in Delhi.

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The inception of Raahgiri day had taken place in Gurgaon in 2013 and since then, this festival has spread its wings to seventy cities and ninety states across India. The bubbling event revived in Delhi with the joint efforts of The Raahgiri Foundation (TRF), the World Resources Institute India (WRII), New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and Delhi police.

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While half of the crowd at Raahgiri indulged in laughter yoga, another part foot-tapped to the beats of Djembe drums played by the drumming maestro Roy Roberts. Some children with painted faces and colourful attires hula hooped in glee, while many teenagers oozed the buzz out of activities like roller-skating, skipping, playing cricket, performing Zumba and many more. People of all ages gathered in the jovial affair to make their Sunday mornings chill-worthy.

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This event will take place on the last Sunday of every month in the inner circle of Connaught Place. So wake up in the wee hours and head to the next Raahgiri event to wrap up your month with a zestful Sunday.

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