Diwali And Pizza Parties? Order In Pizzas Till 4 AM Here In South Ex

The Big Juicy

Diwali means that you’ll be gathering your pals and playing some cards. But have you ever felt the need to pizza? The Big Juicy offers some of our favourite pizzas at great prices and till 4 in the morning!! What that means is that your Diwali parties can go on until as long as you want it too and nobody will ever go hungry! 😉

What to expect from The Big Juicy

These guys have two really delicious options that you can choose from! You can go for their cheesy pizzas or order their burgers – either way you’re gonna come back for more. In fact, for both the dishes they have some extraordinary options such as –

  • Very Peri Peri Chicken Burger
  • Tandoori Tikka Veg Burger
  • Hot Florence Veg Pizza
  • Lamb Meatball Pizza

Besides, these are only four options that we loved chowing down. You, of course, can choose from a selection of 9 burgers and 11 pizzas. That’s kinda what happiness is made of, innit?

What we love about The Big Juicy

These guys open around 6 PM in the evening and take order till 4 AM in the morning! And that’s exactly what we love about these guys, ’cause we never go hungry as long as they deliver good food.

Moreover, it helps that these guys also offer pasta, desserts and a whole lotta sides like chicken wings & cheese balls. 😉

Basically, The Big Juicy has something for everyone and so, your Diwali parties will always be fun!

Bottom Line

Hungry and low on patience? These guys fix it all! 😛

Where | Bapu Park, South Extension 1

Call On | 011-33106232

Price For Two | INR 500

Cover Image Courtesy | Furlenco

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