This Luxurious Wooden Suite Is Prettier Than A 5 Star Hotel At INR 6000/Night!

Where | Almora, Near Kasar Devi Temple

Price | INR 6017/night

For Bookings | Click Here

This wooden suite with luxurious settings is Almora’s best-kept secret! The Kumaon is an enchanting and tastefully built wooden house that offers a picturesque view of the surrounding mountains! No kidding, check out this dreamy view from the dining room of the suite. You will fall in love with it, at first sight, period!

Already in love aren’t you? Well, this is just the first of many things that people fall in love with at The Kumaon! The place has been built keeping in mind a minimalist concept. But where The Kumaon lacks in beautiful furniture and other shenanigans (like at a 5-star hotel), it makes up with stunning views and peaceful ambience! And that’s not even the best part! Built on a hilltop, the suite can easily help you break free from the fast-paced urban lifestyle!

Isn’t this just an absolute bomb of a place? Did you notice the two chairs on the terrace? Imagine sitting there sipping on hot coffee or tea and enjoying the most spectacular view! And if you’re lucky, you might just see few shooting stars in the dark sky of the night from the terrace. And if that alone does not make you jump in your car and head here, maybe this view will!

Now, coming to the part that really sells this place by itself! Remember the cover image of this blog post? That room at The Kumaon opens up to the most alluring view EVER! The soft bed topped with a cool wind blowing across the room gently kissing your cheeks as you go into a much-needed hibernation is the perfect sleeping spot here! Alternatively, you can also sleep near the fireplace ya’ll!

Is there any heritage sight here of historical significance? Well, you can check out the Shiva Temple in the valley made with stones!

And maybe a walk down this picturesque trail?

So, did we just give you the best getaway plan for this winter or what? 🙂

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