Woahh! Pulled Apart Garlic Bread, Burger Pizzas And More Are Here!

It’s with tons of drool that we introduce to you the pulled apart garlic bread! And let’s not forget the burger pizzas, the kit kat crunch shake and more. Since it’s never enough to say *woaahhhhh* what did we just eat? Let us get into everything that you can pass out on after eating!

30 Second Window:

  • Uncle’s Sip and Bite is just one of those few places in Delhi that offer a big mouthful of pulled apart garlic bread? We’re pretty sure you started drooling, confess it now!
  • And get this, for INR 145, it’s a perfect lazy Friday evening grub to grab! And why wouldn’t it be? You can even ‘try’ to take a bite of the burger pizza! It’s crazy delicious and you’ll be coming back for more.
  • If you’re a fries fan we would seriously ask you to try their pizza style cheesy fries! And if it’s not a big ask, do give their peri peri Indian twist a bite too.
  • And if you’re feeling a little too cheesy, do give their pasta counter a chance. It’s cheesy, it’s slurpy and it’s delicious af! By the way, their maggi is also pretty famous, so do give their punjabi special and pepperina cheese!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you spend your Friday evenings at Uncle’s Sip and Bite to hog on their entire menu, because it’s crazy af!

And in the meanwhile, do check out their Uncle’s Sip and Bite Facebook page!

Location | Shop 5, A 75, Opposite CRPF School, Prashant Vihar

And Pay | INR 300

Cover Image Courtesy | Hungryzest

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