5 Bakeries, 3 Days And Dozens Of Designer Cakes To Munch On At This Festival!

It’s hard to imagine how we can wade through life without hogging on designer cakes! We’re already losing our sanity because some of our favourite bakeries from around town are coming together to drop a bombshell. Imagine sitting around dozens of cakes that look beautiful, taste so good it’s literally beyond our wildest imagination! Now, start losing your minds and without a blinking an eye just start jumping on your beds!

I. Chokola

Chokola, in their own words, is the brand that brings to you happiness in a box of cake! Chokola will be dropping chocolate overloaded cakes at the Cakewalk Festival. PERIOD! These guys know their business just as well as you know that your sweet tooth NEEDS will never be the same again. They will be dropping some delicious wedding cakes for you to gape at and hog on!

II. Dezertfox

With a delicious concept of plated desserts, Dezertfox is your best option to feast on desserts that look and taste of Masterchef quality! In fact, Dezertfox, will be bringing to you cakes inspired by our favourite TV show, Game of Thrones! Delicately hand crafted Couverture Belgian Chocolate sculptures of the Game of Thrones Universe- ‘The Iron Throne’, ‘Viserion Dragon’ and a ‘Gift of Dragon Eggs’ will be everything you need to start drooling!

III. The Sweet Boutique

One of the leading cake companies in town, The Sweet Boutique was established in 2008! Nitin and Ruchika Khurana from The Sweet Boutique will be dropping some passionately created edible works of art in the form of cakes. Their cakes are inspired by weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthday parties and god knows what not!

IV. Firefly India

Boasting of some of the richest quality cakes, cupcakes and other bakes, Firefly India is one of the best options you can gape at all day long! The good people here at Firefly India offer to build your cakes and bakes to your taste and preferences, making it one of the few bakeries in Delhi that bake to your sweet tooth preferences. In fact, we hear their wedding cakes at the Cakewalk Festival will make you drop down and scream for more!

V. Maya Cakes

A premium bakery with tons of options – Maya Cakes by far is one of the best places to visit when the sweet tooth is on fire! Their talent knows no bounds, which is exactly why their Van Gogh inspired cakes promise to be an absolute stunner. The cakes will be painted over with figures of Van Gogh and there’s no way on Earth you would wanna miss it!

So, still drooling or jumping on your bed? Get a load off because the festival is just a few days away and it’s going to be LIT AF!

Check out the DLF Promenade‘s Facebook page for more information!

Location | DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

From | 25th to 27th August

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