*WOW* Delhi Police’s Women Squad On A Rescue Mission!

*WOW* Delhi Police's Women Squad On A Rescue Mission!

Now, this is what we call ‘girl power’. Delhi Police’s women squad will be riding on Mobikes to fight street crime in Delhi. Awesome, right? Wanna know more deets?

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This is amazing! Multiple officials have said that Delhi Police is planning to deploy a motorcycle squad consisting of mostly women to tackle street crimes and make the city a safer place for women. These motorcycles will be equipped with windscreens and don a new livery. The riders will be well equipped with body cameras, helmet bullhorns, pepper sprays and Taser guns in addition to regular firearms.

Chief spokesperson, Dependra Pathak said, “The bikes will patrol narrow lanes and act as the first responder in emergencies. The women-led patrolling bikes will be present in areas frequented by women.”

Women on a mission? Yaasss!! O:)

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