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Have you ever considered how fab your dream home could look if you just found the right place to buy furniture? And while many would love to grab a beautiful collection of furniture, not many of us can afford it. Well, now you can tell those doubts to take a hike, ’cause what we have here for you will blow your mind away.

Bent Chair, created by Natasha Jain has a dreamy collection of some of the best furniture that we’ve come across. From fun pops of blue, red, yellow and green her collection of furniture are simply mind-blowing. And if we had to describe the brand in 3 words, these are probably it – fabulous, chic & modern.

Now, the thing that separates¬†Natasha’s creations from other brands is the way she creates them. Plasma Vapour Deposition is a technology that only Bent Chair has among all the other Indian furniture brands. And their collection of furniture speak with your soul – ’cause that’s just how offbeat & inescapable is its feel.

But, hey, that’s not it! Natasha’s creations also include fancy mirrors, fine vases, quirky tea-pots, rustic bookends & lavish dinnerware.

And here’s the thing that really screams ‘love at first sight’ when you enter Bento Chair. Its inescapable personality is further accentuated by its amazing pricing! Priced amiably – the furniture and other home decor items will never break your bank!

Excited much? Check out their studio today and feel yourself being blown away!

Images’ Courtesy | Bent Chair

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