People!! Kasol Silent Disco Festival Is Calling And We Must Go!!

People!! Kasol Silent Disco Festival Is Calling And We Must Go!!

Where|Cosmos, Chalal Village, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.

Dates|22nd to 26th December’17

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Alright people. It’s time to get out of our monotonous routines this Christmas and celebrate it in the hills. Travamigo in association with Cosmos brings to you a 4-day Christmas madness at Kasol Silent Disco Festival. Sounds good? Read for more deets!

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The place needs no introduction. We’re sure you’ve either visited Kasol or have heard about it from your friends. This year celebrate Christmas in a slightly different way. Be a part of Kasol Silent Disco Festival and have the most memorable experience of your lives. Just imagine being surrounded by mother nature, amazing music and beautiful people. If by any chance you’re a species of cosmic universe, then gather for the love of music, art and nature. Though they’ve not given out much details but we can feel it. Its going to be EPIC!!

The trip starts from Delhi and takes you to another world of insane partying! People, they’re offering some crazy early bird discounts, so book your tickets now!!

To know the itinerary, click here.

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